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Ibanez Flying-V style electric guitar

Rare Electric Guitar

For your consideration is this vintage 1976 Ibanez Flying-V style electric guitar. This guitar is 100% original. No Issues example, lawsuit-era instrument

This Ibanez Flying-V guitar plays like a dream, as is common with precision lawsuit-era guitars manufactured by Ibanez. The action is a very comfortable height thanks to the straight neck, and provides a quick, buzz-free play up and down the fingerboard. All electronics work properly with minimal scratchiness or noise, and the original Super 70's pickups sound fantastic.

Cosmetically, this example does exhibit minimal signs of wear and use, however, nothing that is overly distracting, and certainly nothing that wouldn't be expected of a 34 year old guitar. The gold bridge, tailpiece, and pickup covers all show some wear from playing, and aren't quite as lustrous as they perhaps were when the guitar was first rolled out of the factory, however, we believe that this simply adds to the already huge vintage appeal of the instrument. The rest of the body is nearly flawless with very minimal cosmetic defects. The neck is also in fantastic shape, and only exhibits very light fret wear. As should be expected, t is some fret wear at the top of the neck, however nothing that keeps this guitar from being a pleasure to play, and have years of regular use still left.

The guitar is light, and it only weighs 8 lbs. and 1 oz. Also included in this auction is the original hardshell case, which is in excellent condition both internally and externally, and is free of any distracting stains or odors.

More info, pls contact us freely. Thx.

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