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ESP LTD George Lynch Kamakazi

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If you have read my guitar reviews then you probably know that I am a very big fan of George Lynch. George Lynch and Ace Frehley are two of the main reasons I decided to pick up a guitar in the first place. As such I have wanted to play what my hero plays, so I have owned more than a few of his signature line of guitars.
I just recently got the chance to play the ESP/LTD Kamikaze through a connection I have that works for a rather large musical instrument distribution company. He often gets samples and lets me test many of them out since he plays drums and can't play a chord on guitar. There are no complaints from me as most of the stuff I end up with a huge discount on if I like it.
The George Lynch ESP/LTD Kamikaze looks almost identical to the original Kamikaze. One big difference you will see aside from the LTD logo on the headstock instead of ESP is that the twelfth fret has a block inlay that says GL-200k to identify the guitar. It has a basswood body with a bolt on maple neck. The rosewood fingerboard features 22 extra jumbo frets. This guitar neck has a great feel to it and is super fast with an original George Lynch style contour. The pickups are ESP designed pickups that are made by Seymour Duncan. The original George Lynch ESP guitars have Seymour Duncan pickups on them. There is a difference in the pickup sound, but ESP has really seemed to improve the quality of their economy line pickups. The hardware is black nickel including the ESP tuners and Floyd Rose special bridge. The Floyd Rose is a much needed upgrade over some of the previous economy models. Like the original George Lynch Kamikaze the volume and pickup selector are controlled by a push pull knob.
I was not expecting much when I tried the guitar out since the 200 series of ESP guitars are usually not that great, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and sound of the George Lynch Kamikaze. I have to admit that it felt great in my hands playing it and was very light. With the exception of the LTD version being much lighter I would dare say it sounded pretty close to the official ESP kamikaze. By no means am I saying this sounds like a $2,500 guitar, but for roughly $500 retail you can't really go wrong as far as a signature series guitar goes.
ESP previously made an LTD version of the Kamikaze back in 2000. I actually have one of those and must admit they are made better. For one thing the new version is made in china and the previous version I have is made in Korea. I find Korea produces much better guitars than china based on my experience. This prior version was the ESP/LTD GL-500K. It featured an alder body, Duncan designed pickups, and came with a case. The GL-200K really sounds similar. The main difference is the basswood body and being made in china. The average player would really not notice a whole lot of difference in the two. I actually would probably not mind having one of these as a backup. If my contact can get me a good enough price on the GL-200K I would actually consider getting this. The only modification I would definitely make is putting a Seymour Duncan "Screaming Demon" or "Invader" in the bridge position.
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