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For sale is a limited ESP JH-1 James Hetfield electric guitar, which were produced in 1997. I have the original signed case and the certificate signed by the man himself. I often get into the greatest metal bands of all time conversation with guitar players and if Metallica isn't on your list then it can get pretty heated. I am not the biggest fan in the world but if you grew up in the late 80s and 90s you usually will respect the fact that they defined a genre for so long.


When we got this in we were trading metal riffs for a good two hours and it's hard not to I mean come on check this guitar out. It is fully loaded with the EMGs to get that warm James Hetfield clean tone but the tightest distorted low end crunch you are ever going to get. Nice thing with the EMGs is you can really crank the gain but still control any feedback. Play as fast as you want because you are not restricted with this guitar at all. Big time sustain and if you like hitting those pinched harmonics you can pretty much go nuts on this guitar. Also it is a great little collector piece for any Metallica fan since it has the signatures.
Condition is excellent. Headstock is very clean, neck/inlays/frets look pretty unplayed, front of the body has no real wear.
Please call or email for price.

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