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James Hetfield JH-1 Flying V Guitar

Rare Electric Guitar

This sale is for my 1997 ESP James Hetfield JH-1 Flying V Guitar. I am happy to say this guitar is in Exceptional Condition. It has never been played, pretty lightly and very well cared for. There is NO BUCKLE RASH on the rear body. There are pick marks above the Low E. The original owner must have had a heavy down stroke like Papa Het.  do not see pick marks under the High E.


Look at the front and rear headstock photos. Near the top edges there are what seem to be wear marks. They are very small and you could touch them up with one of those wood touches up pens at your local hardware store. They do not bother me and this guitar is all original so I would like to keep it untouched. If you run your finger over it, it is smooth. Very happy to report there are NO CHIPS ON THE V TIPS!!!! Not on the edges of the V tips and not underneath. Flying V style guitars are notorious for banging into things and having chunks missing.     

Please call or email for price.

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