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Music Man Erinie Ball Guitar

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Eddie Van Halen’s Ernie Ball Music Man known as “PINKY” was custom made for Eddie Van Halen by Dudley Gimpel of Ernie Ball and was the very first pink Ernie Ball Music Man EVH model ever made. It comes with the original case and paperwork.This guitar was produced from 1990 to 1995. It is featured in and on the cover of Musician Magazine with Ed. Also included is an original 8×10 photo of Ed with Pinky.
I really like the oiled neck, very smooth and the guitar is not too heavy (about 7lb). Now the best part is the nice tone, rich and full of harmonics, this guitar screams and sound quite Van Halenish even in a little crappy Marshall.
* Tall and thin frets are not for everyone
* Neck is more sensitive to temperature and humidity than a coated neck, but it hasn't twisted so far.
* Not for clean tones, but who wants that anyway? 
If you want a Music Man EVH guitar like this, pls contact us freely. Thx

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