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"Low G" is Logan Mader, who is best known for being in Machine Head for the first 2 albums. He then went on to be the "lead" guitarist on the first Soulfly tour (not on the CD). During the "Low G" years, he had a string of bands that never really went anywhere, one of which had Whitfield Crane of Ugly Kid Joe fame among it's members...I think they were called Medication? He also had a band for a time called Stereo Black, IIRC.

Hailing from the Bay Area, Logan Mader came of age when Metallica was first giving the Metal movement its name and start. He progressed through a series of influential bands like SoulFly, MachineHead, and Medication. His innovative dropped tunings, natural harmonics, and right-hand muting spawned a generation of guitarists – LinkinPark, among others. He continues to perform with his newest band, New Black, as well as producing other artists in the Los Angeles area.
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