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Jeff Beck Stratocaster Guitar

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I went into the store to get myself a new guitar, I thought of a normal American Strat until I saw the Jeff Beck. There were 2 Jeff Becks (the cheap and the expensive) and because of the price I only played 5 minutes on the expensive one. I tested the cheap Jeff beck and the American Strat guitar longtime and the Jeff Beck was definitely the best! After I tested some other guitars like the Eric Clapton, Johnson but for me the Jeff Beck was the best among them. The neck is C-shaped with a contoured heel which is very easy to play high notes and to play them quick and smooth. The pickups are Noiseless and they give a great sound that bit better than the Standard ones. It has got a roller nut and locking tuners which are some nice extras.



Sound- It sounds great finger picking like on an acoustic, or cranking distortion, or clean Jazz chords. Extremely versatile. It sounds great through my Fender Cybertwin, Fender Frontman, and Carvin Acoustic amps. The whammy bar is great (two point) and will pull up or down high. It's hard for me to describe the pick-ups, but they are versatile, quiet, and controllable with tone knobs. They "may" be more sensitive than my custom shop Strat with noiseless cobalts - or brighter, if you need that, but not twangy & "in your face" like a Telecaster.
Action, Fit&Finish-The guitar was set-up for me before I received it. I'm assuming because of it's sky high price, it would come set-up perfectly. The pickups and everything are perfectly in line. There really is nothing about this guitar I can say that deeply dissatisfied me. Pick-up change was just for me to get heavier tones, but with it standard, it still makes for a damn good guitar.



Reliability & Durability-This guitar will definitely stand live playing. Not once has it cut out on me and when played loud the guitar really sings. As for the hardware, it is top notch. The locking tuners/pegs are brilliant. The strap buttons handle abuse very well and at a gig, the only reason for a backup would be to get a different sound for different songs. It will not crap out on you unless you treat it badly. Honestly, it would take a beating to hurt this bad boy. Everything about it is flawless. The finish stays golden and bright even with my sweaty arms rubbing against it constantly. The white pickguard saves most of the damage to be done from my pick. It's a beautiful guitar, and nothing could make it not so.




The best feature of the guitar is the perfect intonation. It vibrates so fully unplugged. Every chord sounds rich and in tune all over the neck. Play a normal E chord on the 12th fret and it sounds as naturally in tune as it does on the 1st fret. It's as nice as my 3, 000 dollar custom shop Strat! If I lost it, I would seek out another. I never really knew anything about Jeff Beck. I appreciate his talent, but a bit over-the-top for me. But he & Fender put together a great guitar. This guitar "feels" good.



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