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When you play a Steinberger Guitar, you are playing the future. No other instrument offers the musician a more technologically advanced design. Nothing looks like a Steinberger and ... nothing performs like one either! At the heart of all Steinberger instruments is the Headless design with Double-Ball Tuning System. Tune it up once and don't tune up again until you change your strings! It truly is the "State of the Instrument"


One of the most famous Steinberger guitars was the one that Vito Bratta used in the 80's & 90's. There were 2 like it both of them bore the White Lion Logo and a graphic lion on the face of the guitar. We have done about 5 of these and several of Vito's headstock model Steinberger also.


We are pleased to add it to our list of fabulous fakes. We simply take an original Pre Gibson Steinberger and refinish it with Vito's graphic on the guitar. These guitars play and sound awesome, they are by far better sounding than the graphite small oar shaped body that Steinberger is known for.   

We do take this guitar one extra step, we hard mount the pickups and of course the customer isn't stuck with the mandatory EMG pickups that the oar shaped model dictates. We are proud & happy to offer this economically priced, Pre-Gibson, real Newburgh, Steinberger guitar in our line of fabulous fakes.       


If you are interested in the Steinberger Guitar, pls contact us!!!

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