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My playing has been heavily influenced by the playing of George Lynch. He often does not get the respect he deserves, but he is probably the best guitar player around. He by far has done more with the instrument than anyone else since Jimmy Hendrix. He has been using guitars made by ESP of Japan since the middle of the 1980s.

ESP began producing the Kamikaze in 1986 when George Lynch stumbled across the company. He went into a shop looking for a replacement neck and ended up starting a relationship that has been very profitable and creative for both ESP and himself. The kamikaze was actually the first signature guitar that ESP produced. They have made four versions of the Kamikaze, but the only real difference is the colors that are used. A less expensive LTD version of the Kamikaze was produced in Korea for a couple years in the late 1990s.

The ESP George Lynch Kamikaze is made in Japan by hand. It is essentially a black guitar with a custom graphics and reverse headstock. The guitar has an almost camouflage paint job featuring brown, red, and yellow. It has two Japanese characters vertically at the back of the guitar, a picture of a Kamikaze pilot right above the tremolo. On the bottom horn of guitar there are bomb graphics. I must say I love my country very much and think the Kamikaze attacks against our soldiers were horrible, but it is a really good looking guitar.

The specs on the ESP Kamikaze are as follows. As mentioned it is black with custom graphics and a reverse headstock with black hardware. It has a bolt on neck and has a Stratocaster scale. The body and neck are maple with a 22 fret fingerboard with dot inlays. It features extra jumbo frets for comfortable playing action. The neck is very comfortable to play and really thin and fast. It comes with a locking Floyd Rose Tremolo and Gotoh tuners. A Seymour Duncan Screamin' Demon pickup is in the bridge and an ESP SH-100 pickup in the neck position. The pickups are selected by a push/pull control that also controls the volume. A case is included with this guitar.

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