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ESP George Lynch Kamikaze

Rare Electric Guitar

Simplest controls possible... single push-pull volume knob switches between neck and bridge pickup. Killer action, up and down the neck. “Real” Floyd Rose double-locking tremolo let's you dive-bomb and return exactly back to pitch. Intonation was right-on straight from the factory.


ESP George Lynch Kamikaze made by Seymour Duncan... Fat bottom, great harmonics with just enough brightness. The neck pickup is an E.S.P. single-coil, but it sounds great clean or distorted. Body is so heavy, it sustains longer than my Les Pauls. This thing's ready for anything from twangy Strat sounds, to full out SHRED-O-RAMA. Want loud? I can stand 2 feet away from my 100-watt half-stack, cranked as loud as my bowels can handle, and no feed-back...


Not a single complaint. Solid one-piece maple body makes this one heavy guitar. Heavier than a Les Paul. Neck width is wider than average. George has big hands. Fret work and Ebony fingerboard are flawless. Came with hard-shell case. Definitely top quality. Would buy ESP again.


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