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Kramer Elliot Easton Model Guitar

Rare Electric Guitar

In 1987, along with many others, another signature guitar came out of Kramer, the Elliot Easton model. Elliot Easton, as you'll remember was the lead guitarist for the band the Cars. Two models came out the collaboration between Easton and Kramer, the EE Pro I and the EE Pro II. The differences being subtle yet distinguished

Both models had the shape of a somewhat exaggerated Strat, that meaning the body seemed slightly longer with narrow horns with the upper horn extending out a bit more. The EEs came with extended pickguards which covered almost half of the surface of the body and held the pickups and switches.

The EE Pro I had a Duncan JB in the bridge and two APS-1 single coils in the neck and middle positions, two on/off switches for the single coils, a three-way coil tap switch for the humbucker, a rhythm-to-lead bypass switch, one volume, one tone and a Floyd Rose.

The EE Pro II sported a SLANTED Duncan Hot Lead humbucker and one APS-1 single coil and a five-way switch which tapped the humbucker. These also had had a FIXED bridge via string-through design.


The most notable feature of the EEs were the pickguard and pickup cover color schemes. Featuring mix and match colors, the EEs really took on a special persona. Some of the colors were as followed:

White body with white/orange/white pickguard and white pickups
Creme body with black/creme/black pickguard with creme pickups
Light blue body with pink/light blue/pink pickguard with pink pickups
Black body with red/black/red pickguard with red pickups
Black body with yellow/black/yellow pickguard with yellow pickups
Black body with white/black/white pickguard with white pickups
Red body with white pickguard and pickups
Sea foam green body with white guard and pickups
White body with rainbow edge pickguard and white pickups
All White version

The bolt-on necks took on the Classic head shape with Kramer block logo and "EE Pro" on the headstock with 21 fret maple fretboard and black dots. In late 1987-early 1988, rosewood fretboards were offered as an option.


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