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CC Deville's BC Rich Explorer

Rare Electric Guitar

This is one of the rarest CC Deville's B.C. Rich guitars I have ever laid my hands on. Never seen another one like it, and I am sure this was made for an endorsee back in the late 1980's because they didn't make them like this just for anyone! The guitar is a build year of around 1987. Lots of speculation of who this could have been made for. It is very similar to other Explorers that Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top has, and it also has a Warrant vibe to it. I don't know for sure, but what I do know is that there are a few BCR experts that I have discussed this guitar with, and they all agree, it's legit, and its VERY rare. Famous vintage neck-thru construction, gold hardware, cream paint all over (including fingerboard!), gold BCR script logo, Gibson style headstock (!), period correct serial numbers stamp and truss rod route. This may be your only chance to own a rare piece of BCR history!

BC Rich never put this in their catalog but they made hundreds of these guitars. This guitar is available in a Neck Thru or a bolt On, Both New & Used! This guitar has been played! Lots of paint chips, dings, scuffs, but plays killer and is VERY solid. Call it Mojo or call it abuse, this axe isn't the prettiest you'll see, but it's still a GRW BCR Explorer! Interesting stamp of "79" in the Floyd cavity. Missing a strap peg ( I am sure I can dig one out somewhere for you) and backplate.

If interested, pls contact us.

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