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Ted's Quicksilver Guitar

Rare Electric Guitar

Ted Nugent is an American rock musician from Detroit, Michigan. Nugent initially gained fame as the lead guitarist of The Ambody Dukers before embarking on a solo career. His hits, mostly coming in the 1970s, such as "Stranglehold", "Cat Scratch Fever", "Wango Tango", and "Great White Buffalo", as well as his 1960s Amboy Dukes hit "Journey to the Center of the Mind", remain popular today, and are played semi-often on classic rock and less frequently active rockrable stations. He is also noted for his staunch conservative political views, his strong advocacy of hunting and gun ownership rights, which some have described as controversial


Ted Nugent is a real one of a kind individual; Meeting Ted has been one of the high points in my life. I don't mean to sound like a star struck schoolgirl, but there is a certain aura that Uncle Ted emanates, I have encountered this from very few people in my 56 years on this planet. I have always admired him and I have said that.


When I finally got all of the specifications for Ted's guitar I was a little bit apprehensive due to the fact that he wanted a spruce top, we had never done that before on a solid body electric.The sample Quicksilver he had tried had a solid macassar ebony neck, Ted really seemed to like that so we went with it. I had expected him to order that weird Byrdland scale but he went for a 25" scale which is my personal favorite. He also opted for a black korina back.
Ted didn't specify the built in 32 Caliber counterweight but if you look at the picture above you will notice a devilish smile and an evil red glint in his eye.  I didn't do the red eye reduction for this photo because Ted is smiling an evil smile. The magnetic wooden quick remove panel houses a 32 Caliber Derringer for quick removal & rapid deployment.
Building this guitar for Ted has been a labor of love, I would have liked to have made it a little fancier but Ted requested a plain looking Spruce Top.  I thought that maybe some of my readers would like to see the actual tree we made the guitar from. 
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