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Ted Nugent's Custom Quicksilver Guitar

Rare Electric Guitar

I own a Ted Nugent Quicksilver guitar which has a beautiful transparent green quilted maple top. I ordered this guitar sight unseen and was a little apprehensive for an instrument that I had never heard or played. I am primarily a bass player and use several extremely high-end instruments from Fodera, MTD and F-Bass.
I am therefore very accustomed to high quality, hand made bass guitars, but, playing more and more guitar, I found my old Strat Plus and Les Paul Deluxe somewhat lacking. After playing the Quicksilver for about five minutes, I realized that I had just acquired something quite different and very special. The neck and fingerboard felt great, the fit and finish were superb and last but certainly not least, the sound was amazing. To be clear, each sound was amazing as the Quicksilver is quite a chameleon, being able to shift from Strat-like sounds (with sustain) to meaty Les Paul tones with a simple flip of a switch or two. I knew I was in for a night of little sleep and much guitar playing, and the more I played my new Quicksilver, the more I liked it.
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