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The real Ventures Model Mosrite was extremely short lived. In fact,” The Ventures" supposedly didn't get paid their royalties on the few that were made.Mosrite is probably one of the most copied brands of guitars out there besides Fender & Gibson!!!


I have seen over 50 brands names like Dillion, Madore, Aria, Wosrite, Excellent, Fernandes, Guitar Punk, Moserite, Mosrita, Mosright, Tokai, Jay Turser, Wilson Brothers, Univox, Eastwood, Sunsmile, and many others too numerous to mention and there are many who actually go right ahead and actually copy the name.  Every year at NAMM I see yet another couple of Mosrite copies.

The Kings of the copy guitars is of course Ibanez, They copied hundreds of companies during the 70's. Many of their copies were better than the originals. I believe their Gibson copies (At least 100 different models were far better than the originals) for some unknown reason I don't think Ibanez ever copied Mosrite.The only copy I have seen that I thought was decent was the one that Nokie Edwards is making "The Hitchhiker" That guitar feels and plays like a real Mosrite it also sports Seymour Duncan custom designed Nokie Edwards pickups.  (I have decided to carry it myself) I don't feel it will compete with Mosrite because it costs a great deal more.

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