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G&L Will Ray Signature Guitar Turquoise Metal Flake

Rare Electric Guitar

Will chose the ASAT Z-3 as the basis for his signature model, then hot-rodded it to suit his unmistakable style. Factory-installed Hipshot Will Ray B-Bender, Schaller locking tuners, WR-spec over-wound bridge pickup with extended pole pieces for a wider bobbin aperture. Pickups set to Will's height preference. The unique skull inlays were designed by Will himself. Includes Deluxe fitted Tolex hardshell case, 2 Will Ray instructional videos: "B-Bender Mania" and "Stealth Slide," plus a pair of WR's trademark slide rings.

Extremely quiet pickups, B-Bender built in, 3-Z coils, cool look, skulls on the fingerboard, push-pull volume control gives you even more pickup combos. Mine is a semi-hollow and is very light. The hollowness also seems to add to the tone factor a bit. The best country/blues guitar ever made!

A very cool guitar whether you are a big Will Ray fan or not. Order it. More info, contact us!!! 

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