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Fender Jimmy Bryant Tribute Telecaster

Rare Electric Guitar

Jimmy Bryant was a prominent American session guitarist. He was billed as "The Fastest Guitar in the Country".

Although Bryant used many different guitars in the course of his career he will always be best remembered as a pioneer, the first endorsee, of Fender’s legendary Telecaster model. While some players of the day were reluctant to replace their ageing hollow-body guitars with this ‘new-fangled’ solid-body instrument, Bryant instantly warmed to the guitar’s unique playability and lively tone. The story goes that in 1950, Leo Fender, and his engineering consultant George Fullerton, visited Bryant at the Riverside Rancho, a Western music nightclub in Glendale, California. After handing Jimmy his new Broadcaster – later renamed the Telecaster – Leo and George watched as the guitarist caused such a sensation with the groundbreaking guitar that the crowd in the club gathered around him to watch him play. Apparently, even the band performing onstage at the time stopped playing to catch Bryant’s impromptu show! In 2003,

Fender released its Jimmy Bryant Tribute Telecaster, produced with the input of Jimmy’s son, John. With its ash body, white blonde finish and hand-tooled leather pickguard, the guitar is a fitting tribute to a true pioneer of the Telecaster, and the electric guitar in general. Of course, as well as his awesome guitar playing, it should be mentioned that Jimmy Bryant had that all-important ‘cool’ element that all guitar heroes should effortlessly possess. Always dressed to the teeth in a sharp suit or decorative country shirt, with hair slicked back, and that handsome face, it’s easy to see why the sight of Jimmy with his radical new Fender guitar was such an inspiration to guitarists, and music lovers, of the 1950s. It’s still a powerful image today.

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