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Johnny Ramone CBGB Mosrite Guitar

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Today we’re featuring an electric guitar kit – the Johnny Ramone CBGB model Mosrite guitar reproduction kit – sold by Ed Roman guitars. To do the story of this kit justice we’ve got to integrate a few bits of rock guitar history, and the story of the dealer, Ed Roman. Please be sure to check out this dealer thoroughly before purchasing.
Mosrite Guitar is an American guitar manufacturing company started in Bakersfield, California in 1952, the same starting year as Fender. The company was founded by Semie Moseley, and his guitars were known for their innovative design, beautiful engineering, very thin, low-fretted and narrow necks, and extremely hot (high output) pickups. In the 1960′s a Mosrite was priced at about double that of a Fender Stratocaster. The cost of all the integral parts of the Mosrite forced the price up.One innovation was the famous Mosrite Vibramute roller bridge, shown below. This was developed to aid in tuning problems caused by the previous cast bridge. These were made in house out of folded brass plate and 6 individual saddles each with it’s own roller. The Vibramute was made in both chrome plated sandcast and polished finish.
Mosrite guitars were played by many rock and country artists such as Jimi Hendrix, The Ventures, The Ramone’s, Kurt Cobain, Buck Owens, The Beach Boys, Jimi Page, Duane Allman and many more. A clear, bell-like tone was characteristic of Mosrites, and the instrument characterized the early Ventures sound. Give a listen to the iconic Ventures tone in this video of a Mosrite demonstrated through a Princeton Reverb amplifier:
By the way, the name “Mosrite” came about because a friend of Moseley’s, a singing preacher named Rev. Ray Boatright, was deeply impressed with Moseley’s guitar designs, and put up front money for Moseley to found his guitar company. In gratitude, Moseley named the company by combining his and Boatright’s last names.
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