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Rick Turner Model 1 CLB Lindsey Buckingham Guitar NEW

Rare Electric Guitar

Lindsey Buckingham is my all time favorite guitar player. I have never been blown away so much as when I saw Lindsey play at the Joint in Las Vegas in August of 2007. I always knew he was great but seeing him live without Fleetwood Mac was the experience of a lifetime.

Lindsey Buckingham's Plays a Model 1 Rick Turner Guitar. The Rick Turner Model 1 Lindsey Buckingham (CLB ) Guitar is based on the original Rick Turner Model 1, except this one does not feature the optional magnetic piezo system.

If you know Fleetwood Mac you have heard the incredible sound this guitar has and the crisp tone it produces. Since creating this beautiful work of art over 30 years ago for Lindsey Buckingham, the Turner Model 1 guitar has been at the forefront of playability tone and charm delivering an Old World aesthetic and modern, full-bodied tonal range.

Another one of music’s great, John Mayer is also an fan of the Turner Model 1 with its sophisticated electronics and overdrive harmonics making this Turner Model 1 CLB a must have for any serious musician.

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