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Rick Turner Model 1 Lindsey Buckingham

Rare Electric Guitar

Lindsey Buckingham 's main electric guitar onstage has long been the Turner Model 1. The Model 1 is the instrument best known as "The Turner Guitar." Prominently featured in Fleetwood Mac and Lindsey Buckingham videos and recordings, this is the guitar often mistaken for an acoustic or semi-hollow instrument. The body shape is based on an early 19th century Viennese guitar which may have been built by Johann Stauffer, the man who taught guitar to Christian Frederick Martin. The MODEL 1-C was first introduced in 1979, but went out of production in 1981. Rick Turner Guitars resumed production of this and other models in 1990. Today Ed Roman recommends the Tiberius Neck Thru Version as a major improvement over this guitar.


In Lindsey Buckingham’s early days in Fleetwood Mac, the story goes, Lindsey played a Fender Telecaster which suited his fingerpicking style. The rest of the band eventually made him switch to a Gibson Les Paul, which they felt more appropriate for their sound, but Lindsey was unhappy with the feel. Upon playing an acoustic guitar made by luthier Rick Turner during the Tusk sessions, Lindsey asked Rick to construct a guitar that was a cross between his acoustics and a Les Paul. The resulting guitar, which turned out to be a Model 1, had a more percussive response to fingerpicking as well as a tone similar to that of a Les Paul. Although he rarely uses it in the studio, Lindsey has played the Model 1 almost exclusively onstage since. On "The Chain" during the Out of the Cradle Tour (1992-1993), he played a one-of-a-kind Turner Model 27.

Lindsey has also used Fender Stratocasters on stage. He kept one tuned to Open D (D-A-D-F#-A-D) during the 1970's for use on "Over My Head" and additionally played one on "Tusk" during the latter part of Say You Will Tour (2003-2004) after the Model 1 he had previously used on that song broke.



Today 30 years later that guitar remains at the forefront of all guitars ever made. I strongly recommend purchasing one. Need more information about the guitars? Call us or send a message using the form on the right.

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