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Ibanez Voyager RBM400 Reb Beach (1994)

Rare Electric Guitar

On sale my beloved Ibanez RBM400. The Ibanez RBM400, was made only in 1994 after Ibanez leaves the production of the RBM2NT. This is the small sister of the RBM2NT model, basically keep same specs but Koa top.
Guitar is MINT condition. No chips, no dings, no scratching. Only cosmetic flaw is the discoloration of first two saddles on brdige about the gold finish. Rest is totally and completely clean. No fret board and neck is completely clean and sweet. There are 2 modification to mention on guitar: 1) Pickups on neck and middle were replaced by mini humbuckers Dimarzio Hot Rails. 2) Booster switch was removed and placed a semiparametric EQ as tone knob. This is also very similar to the booster and in this way mades same job, but you can have more diversity of sounds while you open or close the knob and change frequency. You can have around 2-3 different sounds combination in each of 5 positions, so guitar is super versatile. Guitar sounds huge and deep.
I would like to mention that cosmetically guitar is superb and the wood grain of the woods made this guitar very beautiful. It has a no plain top, has a nice drawing on wood on top, back and sides and even also on neck. It´s not usual find a plain mahogany such nice so guitar looks even as nice as a RBM2NT, I saw even this models with more plain tops.
Body: mahogany
Neck: pau ferro
Bridge: Lo Pro edge
Pups: 2 Dimarzio Hot Rails and 1 Humbucker that I can´t remember wich is (S-S-H)
Year: 1994

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