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1991 Reb Beach Ibanez Voyager Signature RBM2

Rare Electric Guitar

The Ibanez RBM2, also known as the RBM2NT, is an RBM series (also known as Voyager series) guitar model introduced in 1991. It is a signature model of Reb Beach, best known for his work in the melodic rock band Winger.

The RBM2 is based on the second body shape designed by Reb Beach himself, the first one being the WRB3 model. It is the most exclusive RBM model with mahogany body and hawaiian koa top and a bolivian rosewood neck and fingerboard. Other features include EMG pickups with an EMG EQ switch and a double locking tremolo. The RBM2 was discontinued after 1993. It was replaced by the somewhat similar RBM400.

The RBM2 Guitar is in very good condition. Neck is perfect. All gold hardware keeps gold finish pretty well. Tuners are like new. Truss rod cover has also the sticker on it. Body is also in very good condition. The mahogany body has a very unusual beautiful 3D wood grain finish wich looks amazing and pau ferro neck is just stunning but has a very soft feel. The tones are amazing... the EMG on neck provides that kinda more vintage sound that is cool in this kind of guitar but it has a very deep low end on distortion.. very belly sound on clean.

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