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Reb Beach Ibanez Voyager RBM10

Rare Electric Guitar

Reb Beach was the guitarist with hair metal band, Winger, who achieved a reasonable level of fame in the late 80′s and early 1990′s. More recently he has been a member of David Coverdale’s Whitesnake.
The Ibanez RBM10 is an RBM series (also known as Voyager series) guitar model introduced in 1994. It is a signature model of Reb Beach, best known for his work in the melodic rock band Winger.
This is signature guitar produced by Ibanez in the early 90′s is probably the guitar Reb is most closely identified with, in particular in his Winger days. Designed by Reb “on the back of a napkin on a plane flight when I’d had quite a bit to drink!” the guitar’s design echoes design features of some of Reb’s favourite guitars of the time, in particular the Steinberger GM model with its rear cutout.
The complete RBM series was revised in 1994. The RBM10 was a new affordable RBM model, based on the RBM100 but made in Korea with the Lo TRS tremolo and a different set of pickups. In 1995 it was also issued with a ceder body in an 'oil' finish making it look more like the RBM2 and RBM400. And the RBM10 was discontinued along with the rest of the series after 1995.
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