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Rare Electric Guitar

Ted Nugent is best known for his Quiksilver Guitars

This guitar differs from most other solid electric guitars because it has a 3/4" solid slab of Alaskan Sitka Spruce for its top wood. Ted was adamant about the guitar being built using a Spruce top because he favors the tone of Spruce. He says "the tone starts with the wood." And, as usual, Ted is right!!! Most high quality acoustic and arch-top jazz guitar tops are made from either Engel Mann or Sitka Spruce.
Ted's other design specifics included a solid black Korina back with a gorgeously figured Macassar Ebony neck. The fingerboard is made from premium Gaboon ebony found only in the deepest, darkest regions of Central Africa. The softer Korina and Spruce resonate beautifully together and the Macassar and Gaboon Ebony neck adds a sharp percussive edge to the tone.
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