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Fender Victor Bailey Signature Electric 4 String Bass Guitar

Rare Electric Guitar

Victor Bailey guided the design of the Fender Victor Bailey Jazz Bass®, introduced in 2001. And the beautifully crafted Victor Bailey Jazz Bass guitar incorporates the finest in design and electronics—as specified by Bailey himself.


The sleek, exotic-looking body has koa and rosewood over mahogany; the maple neck has a rosewood fingerboard with Posiflex™ graphite neck support rods, abalone dot inlays, rolled fingerboard edges and highly detailed nut and fret work. Special Design Noiseless™ pickups add warmth and low end, complementing the hardwood body’s natural clarity and brightness and producing an extremely dynamic tonal range. The circuitry has been tweaked at the input stage (pre-shape, boost and EQ settings) to enhance the unique sonic nature of the woods. Bass EQ is centered at 40Hz ± 12dB with a 4dB per-octave slope; treble is centered at 8 kHz ± 10dB with a 2dB per-octave slope (treble cut serves more as a passive control for warm organic tones); mid-control is centered at 500Hz and +10dB and -15dB with a wide-band slope creating a distinctive voice. For maximum headroom, the circuit has an 18-volt power supply.


Other features include gold-plated hardware, Fender/Schaller® Deluxe lightweight tuning machines, and a Bailey caricature graphic on the headstock.

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