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Washburn JB100 electric guitar Jennifer Batten

Rare Electric Guitar

Jennifer Batten, mostly known for being the lead guitarist for Michael Jackson during his golden age, endorsed Washburn during the early 1990s-mid 2000s. She can be seen on some tours playing an MG113 Performer, as well as her very own signatures, the JB-100.


Up for auction, please find a Washburn Custom Shop Jennifer Batten JB100M. This particular instrument is no longer made, and one of a few that comes with the Roland GK-3 midi pickup system installed. This guitar plays very well, but does have the usual dings, dents, scratches that you would find on a guitar that has been played. Also, I do not have the arm for the Floyd Rose trem. So, take it like this guitar. some may consider this guitar as a Washburn collectable, who knows, maybe someday it will be. But today, I think if you wanted to wade into midi/synth guitar, this would be a great start. Includes original hard shell case. Please ask all and any questions before bidding. Good luck, and thanks for takin’ a look.

Not just a synth pickup slapped on a JB 100 guitar !!! Roland's GK-2 pickup is designed and prewired to be integral with the body for flawless performance. You just plug into the synth and go, no batteries, no hassle. This is the same guitar that Jennifer uses onstage with Jeff Beck to the enjoyment of audiences worldwide.

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