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Washburn Jennfer Batten JB100 MIDI

Rare Electric Guitar

Everything about this axe shouts out 'Superstrat' at a deafening level. From the shape to the souped-up set of Seymour Duncan JB pickups, two singles with a 'bucker at the bridge, and the inevitable Floyd whammy.
Not just a synth pickup slapped on a JB 100 MIDI guitar !!! Roland's GK-2 pickup is designed and prewired to be integral with the body for flawless performance. You just plug into the synth and go, no batteries, no hassle. This is the same guitar that Jennifer uses onstage with Jeff Beck to the enjoyment of audiences worldwide. Made in the Washburn American Custom shops! Smooth, beautiful,.... extremely nice guitar!!
Besides the MIDI functionality that is definitely tops, it is a fantastic guitar on its own as just a blasting electric sort of super-Strat. Its Buzz Feiten tuning takes a bit of time to get used to, but works well with MIDI and is an improvement over previous guitars with added MIDI. Tops!!! It's very ergonomic in use, also when playing live gigs. MIDI guitars are notoriously fiddly and sort of studio-oriented, but this one delivers also when blasting out onstage. From that angle, it\'s very good at being plugged into all kinds of effect pedals. In use, onstage, you need to have some tap-dancing abilities... A floorboard of effects for guitar and another one for MIDI sounds.
Typically, the normal guitar stuff goes through an amplifier to be picked up by a microphone and further amplified through a P.A. system. The MIDI bits are then directly injected from sound source directly to a P.A. mixer, and from there to onstage monitor cabs - easy it isn't!
If you have any questions, please email me.

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