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Elvis Presley Burns USA Double Six 12-String

Rare Electric Guitar

If you are familiar with the jangly, multi-octave guitar sounds of classic British bands like the Searchers, then you are familiar with the sound of the Elvis Presley's Burns Double-Six. The Double Six from Burns is a 12-string with a distinct look and sound. The E, A, D, and G strings are coupled with another string tuned one octave higher, while the B and high E strings are coupled with another string tuned to the same pitch. Unlike other twelve-string guitars, the Double-Six utilizes a unique string spacing for playing comfort and allows the guitarist to play single note lines with ease

A greenburst finish on both the artful basswood body and maple neck reflects Burns' legendary style. Tri-sonic pickups offer their wide frequency range and low noise which results in clean note definition and plenty of Burns sustain. Plus, the Burns Double Six has wider string spacing for easier chording and room to let the octave strings sing.The instrument is perfect for those looking for an instrument to fill out their chordal work, or create thicker lead tones.

I have always seen guitars as more than just musical instruments, thay bring pleasure to the player, the listener, and they are works of art, to be looked at and enjoyed, this guitar is a piece of art in my lounge sitting waiting to be picked up and played.
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