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Elvis Presley Burns Double Six 12-string electric guitar

Rare Electric Guitar

The Elvis Presley's Burns Double Six is a 12-string with a distinct look and sound. A greenburst finish on both the artful basswood body and maple neck reflects Burns' legendary style. Tri-sonic pickups offer their wide frequency range and low noise which results in clean note definition and plenty of Burns sustain. Plus, the Burns Double Six has wider string spacing for easier chording and room to let the octave strings sing.

The basswood body maintains the Double Six’s ‘big is better’ ethic, while the 4kg weight is equally in keeping. Styling blends Fender-ish offset cutaways with an ample waist and angled lower bouts, while appropriate contouring helps keep things comfortable. High-end access is OK, although in reality the upper frets aren’t explored too much on any 12-string.

Pickups continue the triple Tri-Sonic configuration, with all three angled accordingly. Equipped with ceramic bar magnets, chromed metal covers and correct logos, these single coils certainly look the part. Visually, circuitry also echoes the past, with a master volume partnering two tones and a lever-style selector. However, the latter is a five-way type, while one tone pot incorporates a push/pull switch that supplies the remaining two coil combinations: neck-plus-bridge, or all three on together.


The Double Six sounds as big as it looks and in all ways offers a lot of guitar for comparatively little money. Limited appeal and application mean this Burns will never be a big seller, but it certainly deserves to figure very strongly in any shortlist of 12-string electrics.

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