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Elliot Easton Left Handed RVC Guitar

Rare Electric Guitar

This Elliot Easton Left Handed RVC Guitar was ordered and owned by Elliot Easton. He special ordered the Gold hardware and MOP inlays. Hamer will confirm this. Many guitarists love the simplicity of the one pickup, one tone knob guitar. And the Special with a P90 makes you wonder why anything else is necessary.


This Is A Stronger, Deeper, More Sturdy Way To Do A Neck On This Style Of Guitar. The Neck Can Either Be Set In Or Bolt In.  See The Mahogany Neck Extended All The Way Under The Pickup Cavity. This Neck Joint Will Allow Direct Mounting Of The Neck Pickup. This Is A Huge Improvement  Over The Old Way Of Mounting Pickups   In A Single Cut Guitar.  This Guitar Will Sustain Like A Quicksilver Or A Duesenberg.

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