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guthrie govan suhr

Rare Electric Guitar

Guthrie Govan's extreme virtuosity and stunning versatility require an instrument that excels at many different things. Whether Guthrie is alternate-picking shred lines at breakneck speeds, comping with jazz chord melodies, tapping with 8 fingers for fusion legato runs or strumming hard on a techno-funk tune, he needs a guitar that feels comfortable and sounds great for each style and every type of technique employed.


Thus, the Guthrie Govan signature Modern by John Suhr is one of the most beautiful and versatile guitars one the planet and Make'n Music is happy to have this guitar for sale! If you can't find your sound with the Guthrie Govan signature model- that sound probably doesn't exist. This thing is smoking (and you know if it's good enough for Guthrie it better be). I have never seen a guitar with more versatility than the Suhr Guthrie Govan. Not only is it versatile but each of it's many unique wiring combinations provide useful sounds. Anyone can build a guitar with a lot of switches- but it's not often that every one of those sounds is actually something worth using!


Suhr Guitars are some of the best made instruments on the planet. Each of these boutique, electric guitars is hand-made with the utmost attention to detail. Fit and finish is flawless. Playability and versatility are second to none.


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