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scott henderson suhr

Rare Electric Guitar

Fusion Fusion guitarist Scott Henderson is known for being very particular and demanding about his tone and guitars. This guitar is the result of teamwork between Henderson  and Suhr to create a workhorse of an instrument that could do all Henderson wanted it to do and more.


The SH model features a D shape neck, jumbo frets and 16" fretboard for fast playability and huge string bends without the worry of the notes fretting out. It looks vintage but plays like a fast modern instrument. Tone-wise, the SH model does stick to the tried-and-true principles of traditional wood combinations (lightweight Alder, Maple neck with Indian Rosewood fingerboard), the vintage-flavored ML single-coil pickups, and the Fender vintage 6-screw bridge with the bent saddles and screw-in arm.

The killing feature on the Scott Henderson Signature Model is the SSC (Silent Single-Coil) System which virtually eliminates the 60Hz hum without altering the sweet and sparkling tone of the vintage-style single-coil pickups. Now you can have your cake and eat it too. Get amazing tradtional single-coil sounds courtesy of the ML pickups but without the noise. Scott plays with a good amount of overdrive gain, distortion and fuzz, so the hum was always an issue. The SSC cured the single-coil noise issue once and for all. Now Scott never has to worry about flourescent lights or other electrical disturbances at a venue affecting his guitar rig's sound. The SSC simply works and lets you enjoy the single-coil tone without the noise.


Some other attention-to-detail features include not having the tone control wired to the 2nd and 4th combo pickup positions on the 5-way switch for a fast switch to bright rhythm sounds as Scott likes to roll the tone controls down for his lead tones on the bridge and neck pickups, removing the paint on the block of the Fender 6-screw trem and not having the plastic insert underneath the neck plate for a livelier and punchier tone. As we said, Scott hears all these details and every little matter counts. It's all about getting the maximum resonance from the instrument and getting the high notes (12th fret and up on the plain strings) to sound fat and juicy while maintaining clarity and punch on the low notes. If you, like Scott, love classic styling but require modern playability with innovative features like the SSC, the Scott Henderson Signature Model delivers like no other guitar in its class.


The Scott Henderson models can be ordered in three different colors: Custom Fiesta Orange (pictured), Seafoam Green, and Olympic White.

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