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kramer stagemaster

Rare Electric Guitar

Here's a great looking and pretty rare Kramer Stagemaster Imperial bass in pretty good shape. It is one of the last models, Kramer Stagemaster in Sunburst finish. Most players claim, that the Stagemaster series have been the best of the alu-necks.


The bass from 1981 is all original and has a walnut-maple body, the famous aluminum-maple neck and Ebonol fretboard. All original electronic and hardware, this baby growls and rocks. The aluminum neck brings an extra sustain. This nice bass is very easy to play and has a fast and low action. Frets and neck are in good shape and won't need any refrett before a long time.

There are clearly no big damages or cracks. No repairs, no changed parts. Comes with its original case.
* all original 1981 Stagemaster Imperial 4 strings
* aluminum-maple neck
* walnut-maple body
* Ebonol fretboard
* original electronic
* original Kramer Spectrum pickups.
* serie-parallel switch
* original Schaller bridge
* original hardcase incl.

Want more info about the kind of guitars? pls contact us. Thx.


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