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kramer stagemaster for sale

Rare Electric Guitar

Up for auction is a late 80's archtop Stagemaster neck through Kramer guitar in flip flop blue with sunken Floyd Rose and original Kramer case. I own three of these in other colors, but this is the best one wise and never gets played for obvious reasons. For the most part it's all original.

This guitar is in excellent shape, the front of the guitar is near perfect with just a slight amount of wear on the Floyd fine tuners on the low E and A strings. These guitars are really neat, with the carved or arch top, 24 frets with the Kramer inlay at the 12th fret. The rosewood fretboard has some very nice strips of color in the wood between about the 14th and 24th frets. Frets are in great shape with no string buzz or other problems. It has one Seymour Duncan and one volume control, it is the Standard I model Stagemaster. Very simple like a Baretta. The original Kramer case comes with it, it is very nice, no damage to it and all the latches work. It is very clean inside. 

Want more info about the kind of guitars? pls contact us. Thx.

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