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collings i35

Rare Electric Guitar

This is a brand new Collings I35 deluxeurchased. The Collings I35 Deluxe Hollowbody Electric Guitar with quilted maple top. This instrument also features Jason Lollar pickups, parrellelogram inlays, and black and white purfling. This is one of the most elagant guitars made. A recent trade in ths 2008 I35 Deluxe is in excellent original condition and is one of the nicest playing semi-hollowbody guitars out there.The build quality of this guitar was beyond anything I've ever experienced - I mean perfect. The burst was also very nicely done, warm hues, nice gradation. Lightweight, and very easy to play.

To my ears, it had elements of a 335 and a Les Paul, maybe 65% 335, 35% Les Paul. Really gorgeous clean tones as well as overdrive tones. Both the bridge and neck pickup settings had this hollow thing going on, but not in any way thin.


The real magic though was the tightness of the low end - I could play a full open G chord through my Glaswerks (which has lots of low end) and it stayed tight - almost as if there was a compressor on there keeping the lows tight/right - It didn't feel like there was a compressor, but seemed to have some of the nice qualities of a compressor without any of the bad ones.

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