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collings i35 for sale

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Collings makes some of the most beautiful guitars with an incredible attention to detail. One of them is Collings i35 Deluxe. This guitar is a great example with a clear, ringing tone, and lots of definition between notes. It’s pretty much everything this type of guitar could be.


Aesthetics and Tribute There is no mistaking the influence behind the Collings i35 Deluxe,so as against trying to re-invent the wheel, the Collings approach is to select the finest ingredients, coupled with impeccable workmanship and attention to detail, to ensure the i35 Deluxe delivers the ultimate playing experience - The Collings method is to build one guitar at a time, hence all woods, pots, capacitors and pick-ups are hand picked to ensure that all components work in harmony - Appraise the i35 Deluxe, then you'll fully appreciate that the knowledge, evaluation, and attention to detail that Collings possesses pays dividends in the end

Solid Woods - Note the i35 Deluxe features a solid mahogany body, that is fully carved out, to leave you with a hollow body - A solid block of maple is then inserted into the centre of the body, hence you now have a semi-acoustic body - The maple block offers sustain and support to the pick-ups, bridge and tailpiece - Then apply a fully carved solid maple top and the body is now complete - This approach delivers a luxurious warm and cultured tone that is full of character - Like comparing an acoustic guitar with a laminate body and a solid wood body, the tone from the Collings with solid woods is warmer, with plenty of rich harmonics

Tone - This is further reflected when you plug it in to your favourite amp - The overall tone is very warm, rich and cultured - Delve into clean jazz tones with the tone pot rolled off and you'll adore the woody nature of the i35, but it certainly is not muddy or mushy - Clean tones with all the pots wide open on 10 are clear, rounded, full and smooth, with incredible clarity, with a touch more edge available from the bridge pick-up - Playing the i35 with the volume and/or pots rolled off a touch, produces soft smooth voices that retains all the guitars character and I feel this is were the guitar works at its best - This then allows you to turn it back to 10 as a form of a boost, as and when you require that little extra ooomph - Further more, leave the 3 way switch in the middle position, then play with various combinations of the two volume pots so as to dial in different voices from the pick-ups, each subtle but very effective - Now dial in some overdrive on the amp - Whilst the i35 will handle hi-gain amp settings I somehow feel that this is not were the i35 excells, so to get the best out of it, with more soul and expression, play it with clean and/or rock/blues overdriven amp settings - That way you can clearly hear all the attributes of the i35 - As I mentioned earlier it is a cultured guitar - Think of the great 335 silky tones of Larry Carlton, the fat blues tones of Freddie and BB King, along with Clapton/Cream and it will give you some idea of the tonal qualities of the i35 - Then add, Carpenters, Steely Dan, Alvin Lee and even SRV on Chitlins Con Carne to that list - Soul, emotion, dynamics and expression can all be found in the i35 - The texture and sonic quality of every note, on each fret and each string is so well balanced


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