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keith urban telecaster

Rare Electric Guitar

Keith Urban is a hell of a guitar player. Here Keith talks about his first Telecaster and gives some general thoughts on the greatest guitar ever invented.

All you see, you get. This is a beautiful Keith Urban Telecaster. Look close, has Nice white (aged to cream) Binding, Nice Flame. As you can see in neck Pickup, many now to go on to be master Builders, and Even John Page who use to run the custom Shop Built this Guitar. Remember, The Telecaster came back in 1989. To own one this guitar, you May have to wait up to 1 year to get.

These Blacktop Telecaster models are unique limited edition souvenir guitars that are not for sale anywhere and are only available through these special in-concert experiences. The Bridge plate, strap buttons, output jack are Gold plated. Them saddles are original, but not Gold. Also this Pickup Freaking Screams, Very Hot Tele Tone here. NOTWhimppeeBridge Pup here!


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