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Rickenbacker cliff Burton

Rare Electric Guitar

Now, you are looking a Rickenbacker Cliff Burton 4003 electric bass guitar! Rickenbacker Cliff Burton 4003 basses are easily the coolest out there. This 1985 4003 Bass is bathed in an amazing Fireglo finish and is a total tonal beast!


The 4003 has been a huge part of every major bassists tone! Everything from warm clean tones to edgy gains are available here! The maple body with the thru maple/walnut neck makes for an incredibly resonant axe! Add to that the high mass Rick bridge (w/ damper) that adds tons of sustain! The neck has that brutally comfortable C profile you have come to know and love! The Rick-O-Sound stereo output lets you run each pickup to a different amp for an almost limitless palette of tones! This beauty is all original in super rare Autumnglo finish! The white binding accentuates the finish for a really clean look! There are some small marks but nothing that affects the tone or playability whatsoever. The frets are clean and the neck is straight- just professionally setup to play like butter- just the way a 'Rick should!


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