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Geddy lee Rickenbacker

Rare Electric Guitar

We have had another Rickenbacker 4080 Basses arrive...that means we have 3 of these beauties in stock - Fireglo, Mapleglo and Jetglo. These are very, very hard to come by!  The Classic Rickenbacker 4080 bass - famous for its ringing sustain, treble punch and solid underlying bass. A subtle strip of binding graces the elegantly curved body and the Rosewood fingerboard. Deluxe triangular inlays and stereo capability are standard features


I’m definitely amazed by how amazing this device is. I walked into a local store looking for a ’61 SG, only to find myself experiencing a semi-hollowbody Gibson Personalized with a RichLite neck (which is nothing to be hesitant of…trust me!). The finish on this device is amazing, as well as the customized valuable rock headstock. The Richlite instrument guitar fretboard is the fastest instrument guitar fretboard I’ve ever conducted and is so easily confused with being Black, that the device individuals at the local store advised me it was an Black fretboard! The Burstbucker Pickups just scream and the is aware group for periods with unlimited sustain. The device quantity can also be customized to have a enchanting weak sound without losing tone!


I really like the look and sound of this device so much and the way it functions is generally amazing. I’ve been experiencing for 16 years and have owned and operated many equipment over the years. This one will never keep my selection and will always my first select on activities and information.


Want more info about the kind of guitars, pls contact us freely.

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