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geddy lee signature bass

Rare Electric Guitar

Mean, mean stride. The Geddy Lee Jazz Bass guitar is an exact replica of the tonally singular instrument that Rush’s revered bassist/vocalist has riffed away on in front of millions of devoted fans worldwide and on many a mega-selling album. The bass has an alder body; the thin one-piece C-shaped maple neck has a maple fingerboard with black binding and black rectangular position markers. The two vintage Jazz Bass single-coil pickups crackle with life and bristle with energy. Other features include chrome hardware, vintage-style tuners and a Leo Quan Badass Bass II bridge.


The Japan-made Geddy Lee jazz bass is a phenomenal instrument: beautiful, functional, well-styled, and playable. The pickups are powerful (though passive) and balanced, knobs, tuners and bridge are top-drawer, and the finish, fretwork and other exterior elements all are done with care, and flawless. The neck is worth an entire review by itself. (This is my second Japan-made Fender; the other was a P-bass, and also featured a superb fast-playing radiused neck, though wider.) 

A slight adjustment to the truss rod and saddles and she was ready to play. With roundwounds, you can move from deep all-bass tones played at the end of the fretboard to incredible snap and growl with the tone rolled off a bit. I would not put flats on this bass; I tried and it didn't go. This bass begs to get out front.

If you If you can get a Japan-made model, spend the money. You will never need, and perhaps never want, another bass.

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