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george harrison rickenbacker

Rare Electric Guitar

Harrison’s first 360/12 was the second Rickenbacker 12-string ever made; its serial number — CM107 — dates it to December 1963. The main difference between it and the prototype is how they are strung. The first model had a conventional 12-string setup, in which the octave string is the first to be struck in each string pair. On Harrison’s model and subsequent Rickenbacker 12-strings, the octave strings occur second in the string pairs and the lower-pitched string is struck first.


Harrison’s guitar has a trapeze tailpiece, triangle inlays, double white pickguards, black control knobs and mono and stereo (Rick-O-Sound) outputs mounted on a chrome plate on the side of the guitar.

The guitar, with its unique, chiming sound, can be heard on the bulk of the A Hard Day’s Night album, “I Call Your Name,” “What You’re Doing” — and several other songs, up to and including “Ticket to Ride.” His second 360/12, a 1965 model with rounded cutaways, is heard on “If I Needed Someone.”

Rickenbacker has been a unique and recognizable player in the music industry since the 1930s. This piece is an exact replica of one of the most famous guitars in history – George Harrison’s 1963 Rickenbacker 12-string. Complete with double-bound body, trapeze tailpiece, and unique Rickenbacker 12-string headstock, the 360/12C63 is true to the 1963 version in every aspect— down to the shading on the Fireglo finish.


Here are the specs for this Rickenbacker 360/12C63 George Harrison guitar:












7 1/4"


Triangle pale white


24 3/4"; 21 frets

Nut Width:



6-way split saddle with Trapeze tailpiece


2 volume; 2 tone; 3-way switch; 1 fine tone/equalization adjustment knob


2 Vintage Single Coil Toaster Top


Electric players don’t often get a chance to spend some time with a quality 12-string guitar. This Rickenbacker is a great playing 12-string that will challenge your creativity and chord play.

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