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rickenbacker john lennon

Rare Electric Guitar

Here's a new John Lennon Model Rickenbacker 355/12 which is the long scale twelve strings version. 660 of this version of the John Lennon Model were made. This full scale 12-string is one of 3 Lennon models that Rickenbacker issued in the early 1990’s. The set included the ¾ scale 325 model like the one Lennon used live, on recordings and in the film “Help!” The 355 model is like the 325 in a full-scale length while the 355/12 is the full-scale 12-string model. The guitars only came in the Jet Glo finish with all the vintage appointments.


These were offered in 1990 and were available in long scale and short scale, six string and twelve string, right handed and left handed, and right handed with or without vintage vibrato. Total of 2000 produced, this one is number 909 of the 2000 of all versions made.

This is a Limited Edition model, one of only 329 made. It is an exact replica of John Lennon's 325/12 string used on early Beatle recordings. It has been played sparingly and has spent most of its life in the case. The neck is straight and the action suberb. It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and the original silver tolex case also in mint condition. This one is highly collectible and sure to steadily increase in value. 

Get this bass. You won't be disappointed!
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