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john lennon rickenbacker

Rare Electric Guitar

The Pros: Beautifully made and detailed replica, looks exactly like Lennon's. Beautiful early Beatles sound. Very comfortable neck that's easy to play on. 

Described by John Lennon as his "dream guitar", the 1958 Rickenbacker 325 is one of the most famous guitars of all time.  Acquired by Lennon in Hamburg in 1960, the 325 became his #1 instrument for many years to come and is most notably seen in the Beatles' performances on The Ed Sullivan Show.


High Quality Handcrafted Guitar with Amazing Finishing Work and attention to Detail. This collection of replica guitars is very detail exactly with a real guitar. Created by talented and experienced craftsmen in the field of musical instruments. The Guitar is based on the shape of the signature by famous artists. This is a collection of truly unique and should be owned by the fans and music lovers.

The Rickenbacker 325C58 is an exact replica of the 1958 model played by Lennon down to the last detail including its gold nameplate and pickguard, gold-on-brown knobs, an elongated jack plate, and Kauffman Vibrola (which he later replaced with a more reliable Bigsby, as seen in photo).  The 325C58's three Vintage Single Coil Toaster Top pickups, semi-hollow alder body, alder neck and rosewood fret-board make this guitar a dream to play with a sound to match.  Available in a Jetglo (325C58 JG) and Mapleglo (325C58 MG) finish, this guitar is as much beauty to look at as it is to play and much like the360/12C63 
replica Rickenbacker made famous by George Harrison, is a great tribute to monumental moments in music history.

Get this bass. You won't be disappointed!
More info about the kind of guitars, pls contact us freely. Thx

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