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paul mccartney rickenbacker bass

Rare Electric Guitar

For sale is a Rickenbacker 4001c64s, which is Rickenbacker’s reproduction of Paul McCartney’s original 1964 bass as it now is in its current condition. The 4001c64s, as well as its “original version” pair, the 4001c64, had a short production run in the mid 2000s, inexplicably dropped from production in 2009. Models have been produced since then to fulfill backorders, but this model remains unavailable new directly from Rickenbacker. It will undoubtedly increase in value as the years go by.



The Rickenbacker 4001C64 Series Electric Bass Guitar is a re-creation of Paul McCartney’s original 4001S bass as it looks now after several decades of modifications. Reshaped body for even greater playing comfort, zero-fret rosewood fingerboard for more accurate intonation and easier action, 1960s style toaster-top
bass pickup, and enhanced tailpiece make this Rickenbacker a consummate gigging axe for the discerning professional. Reverse headstock imparts that cool left-handed look even on right-handed instruments. Thin satin sealer-only finish protects the natural maple body and neck. Rickenbacker includes a hardshell case with your 4001C64 bass.


Eastern rock maple body and neck

Reverse neck and headstock

Rosewood zero fret finger board

Dual truss rod

Restyled body

Horseshoe treble

1960s style toaster-top bass pickups

Jetglo Black finish

Get this guitar. You won't be disappointed! More info, pls contact us freely. Thx


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