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roger glover rickenbacker

Rare Electric Guitar

always wanted a Roger Glover Rickenbacker 4000 series bass ever since I was in High School and saw guys like Chris Squire, Mo Moore, Geddy Lee, Roger Glover, and Geezer Butler playing one. And I like Roger Glover best. I'm disappointed that the neck was redesigned in 1986 and isn't as thin as it used to be. Also, the color, Azure Glow is no longer produced.


But, hey, I've got a Roger Glover Rick and it looks and sounds totally cool. The Turquoise Glow color was discontinued in 2003. This is Deep Purple bassist Roger Glover's Rickenbacker 4001, which I worked on in July 1974. Roger asked me to make the bass more quiet, while adding more bottom end. When I asked him what kind of sound he wanted and he said he liked the sound of a Fender Jazz Bass. So I installed a Gibson EB-3 lead pickup in the bridge position. Then I installed two Fender Jazz Bass Pickups, one of which I installed with the reverse poles in the neck position. I wired both pickups for Hum Bucking mode. I also created a new pick guard.

This guitar was ordered from the manufacturer in December of '03 and didn't get to the dealer till July of '04. I ordered it in April from the Rickenbacker Page. See the Music Links for a link to their page. Evidently, Ricks are flying off the shelves, and with one manufacturing facility, they can't, or won't, keep up with the demand. When I first got a setup, there was a lot of fret buzz. I took it back to the guy and asked him to raise the action. After a few weeks, I took it back and asked him to lower it again. I mentioned to him that it still buzzed a lot. He said that Ricks just buzz. It's part of their sound. So, I took him at his word and decided I needed a light touch. I always noticed Geddy Lee always seemed to have a little distortion on his Rick. When I got home, I picked off Rush's Red Barchetta. I compared my sound to Geddy's and whadya know if that distortion wasn't fret buzz after all. I'm considering buying a new bass rig so I can play it in stereo. Hey, it's only money ;-).

Get this guitar. You won't be disappointed! More info, pls contact us freely. Thx


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