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roger mcguinn rickenbacker

Rare Electric Guitar

Hi folks, if you are looking at this guitar, here is a nice Rickenbacker Roger Mcguinn 12 string in maple glow finish. A rare guitar and in excellent condition with compressor and orig case. Pickguard is signed by Roger McGuinn in fine felt pen! Some checking near the neck joint (see pix 7) light checking on top. Includes COA, orig case, rick cloth, instructions on the built in compressor. Non gigged and from a non smoking home. Guitars plays easy, strings are low, sounds wonderful just like Roger, George, Tom & Pete!  All sales final,


This Roger McGuinn Rickenbacker electric twelve-string guitar provided the signature sound for the Byrds and, moreover, marked the merging of folk and rock music in the mid 1960s.

Inspired by George Harrison’s use of a Rickenbacker twelve-string (the company’s very first twelve-string) in the Beatles’ film A Hard Day’s Night, McGuinn bought one for himself in early 1965. It was originally a model 360-12, with two pickups, but in 1966 he sent it back to the factory to have an extra pickup installed, making it a model 370-12. At the same time, the factory added a compressor, controlled by the mini-switch in the pickguard. To avoid the extra-long headstock that most twelve-strings require, Rickenbacker staggered the tuner mountings on the back and the side of the headstock. Rickenbacker also reversed the typical configuration of the octave string pairs so that the player’s downstroke hit the low string first. The result was a unique sound that made McGuinn’s opening figure on “Mr. Tambourine Man” instantly recognizable.


This guitar was stolen in 1966 at a Byrds concert at FordhamUniversity in New York and didn’t resurface again until the statute of limitations expired. McGuinn immediately ordered another 370-12 in Mapleglo (Rickenbacker’s name for natural finish) and continued to set the standard for twelve-string guitar in rock music

Get this guitar. You won't be disappointed! More info, pls contact us freely. Thx


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