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rickenbacker tailpiece for sale

Rare Electric Guitar

From the worldwide leader in vintage Rickenbacker® restoration and after-market parts, here's a neat little doober. It's a bracket to hold a Rickenbacker R tailpiece on a guitar drilled for a trapeze.

It happens to the best of us: you've got a guitar that was fitted with a trapeze tailpiece, but you'd like to switch to the iconic look of the R. Trouble is, that always meant drilling new holes for the new bracket and looking at the old holes that it didn't cover. Not a good situation. At least it wasn't; we've taken care of that problem.  This bracket is shaped and drilled like a trapeze bracket (so it installs using your existing holes), but it's got a hook on top to work with the R tailpiece. It's as easy as it gets: if you can change the strings on an R, you can make this change in your sleep. If you're looking to bust this move, there is no better way to do it...

As always, there are compatible parts (including a harp tailpiece) in our other listings, and more specific information on our website.

And yes, there is the inevitable disclaimer: We're perfectly happy to pay for shipping, but please note that any loss, damage or delivery failure when using uninsured shipping (domestic or international) is the sole responsibility of the buyer. If you want insured shipping, we'll gladly do it; make the proper selection during check-out.

Get this. You won't be disappointed! More info, pls contact us freely. Thx


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