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Ibanez John Petrucci

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While I was loitering around the internet I decided to look at the history of John Petrucci’s signature guitars. He’s been known for playing Music Man guitars for a long time now, but he’s had several incarnations of his own model and for a time before that he had a signature run of Ibanez guitars. So for the remainder of this article we’re going to look at some of the models Petrucci used at pivotal moments in his career. Considering how many guitars he has to his name alone and how many he uses on a given album this isn’t going to be as flawless as I’d prefer, but hey. It’s all in good fun anyway.

Our tale starts way back to circa 1989 when Dream Theater was recording When Dream and Day Unite. Petrucci was primarily using a BC Rich Assassin at the time when Ibanez had first reached out to him. They gave him some guitars to tinker with which shortly after led to his endorsement with Ibanez.
From about 1990 on he played a variety of Ibanez guitars including the Universe models and RG models with the biggest differences being the pickups installed. In 1995 his first signature guitar, the JPM100 was released.
The standard pickups for the JPM100 are the DiMarzio Air Norton and the DiMarzio Steve's Special. Some catalogs list the pickups as being the DiMarzio Norton Lite and/or the DiMarzio SFP (Steve's Favorite Pickup) but these are believed to be the same pickups. The first JPM, used on the "Images and Words" Cd, used the DiMarzio Humbucker from Hell in Neck and DiMarzio Tone Zone in Bridge
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