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High Quality Handcrafted Miniature Guitar with Amazing Finishing Work and attention to Detail. This Ibanez JPM100 guitar is created by talented and experienced craftsmen in the field of musical instruments.

The Ibanez JPM100 is a JPM guitar model and signature model of guitarist John Petrucci, introduced in 1995 and with a production run of five years. Besides the Hoshino 90th Anniversary JPM model, the JPM90HAM, it is the only John Petrucci Model series production model.

The name JPM100B was used for the JPM100 P1 in Europe and Asia. It is still unclear were the 'B' stands for. The original Japan only release of the P1 featured multi-colored pickups, like the one John was playing at the time, and is believed to be the 'JPM100A' and the JPM100B being the following batch, but this is never officially confirmed.


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