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ibanez jpm p1 guitar

Rare Electric Guitar

JPM P1 - 

JPM P1 - This was a US sold JPM so we'll forget the whole A / B thing and just call it a P1. 


I'd have to grade this one Near Mint. 


The only real scars are a 1/2" long crack/ding in the back, and a 1/2" scratch between the control and trem covers. Otherwise it is super clean with light fingernail scratching under the pickups, a tiny grain size ding on the upper horn near the edge, and a tiny scratch on the top side edge. 


Flawless headstock, no fretwear, plastic on all covers but trem. 


The strap pins with the usual odd heavy corrosion that for some reason always attacks the strap pins. These will be replaced if requested. In generic SKB case, no bar shown but will ship with bar of course.


** $2200 AS IS** or $2475 Pimped out, polished, pro rebuild** GONE** THANKS ANDRES**


JPM P1 -


1995 with cert in super clean EXC++++ collector condition. 

There are few flaws on this one, a super light scratch off the belly cut, a 4mm finish crack on the side off the front edge near the end of the belly cut, and the worst is a 5/8" double finish crack about 2" away which I believe was caused by a case rail smack due to the subpar packing when I received it. 

This has no depth at all. Otherwise there is some very fine fingernail only scratching below the pickups close to the E string, and a 2mm spot on the back of the neck where the clear is missing that's taken on slight color. No fretwear, hardware all in superb condition, the black back is super clean, cert in original envelope and in crisp condition, paperwork including unfilled warranty card, the original and correct M150 silver band case had the center latch broken off which I repaired with metal backplate and is now bulletproof. 

Clean certed P1's are becoming very expensive with somebody from the UK actually dropping $3800 on ebay for one that wasn't even as clean! This one won't cost you that much, but it will cost you.


we have this gutar, if you want ,please contact us.

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